Wise Guys Barber Shop

Located in Glenhaven NSW (the Hills District), Wise Guys are a barbershop with singular style. Brothers Nick and Daniel Nadile have a passion for cuts, cars and anything cool and old school and that's evident as soon as you walk through the door. The place is full of an eclectic mix of movie posters, car parts and general coolness, ideal for a Vir2ual Tour.

"Wise Guys never had a web site, we didn't see the point and only used social media online. But, as soon as we saw what Vir2ual Tours could do, we had to jump. Our web visitors now really get a sense of what it's like to walk through the door of our barbershop. They can soak up the ambience and see what we're about before booking in for a cut. There is so much fun stuff to explore it gives people an excuse to come back. Vir2ual Tours are just really cool. We're totally on board."    

Daniel Nadile - Co-Founder of Wise Guys Barbershop

The boys were keen to have an authentic online presence so opted for a complete Vir2ual Tour web site meaning any web visitors literally walk through their front door and get to soak up the amazing ambience, complete with a Tarrantino-esque soundtrack.

The Wise Guys Vir2ual Tour is full of cool interactive things to explore. You can even check out two of the stable of classic Wise Guys cars on the street (a R32 Skyline GTR and a 390 Valiant coupe for you car fans), each with their own burbling idle brought to stunning life through directional sound.

Daniel and Nick both agree that this is the single best way out there of being able to attract new customers to a bricks and mortar business - by being able to invite them in from anywhere.

Contact Vir2ual Tours for more information on (02) 9634 6265 or at vir2ualtours@gmail.com