Everwilling Health & Fitness Gym

Everwilling Health & Fitness are a friendly suburban gym in the Hills District of Sydney, NSW. Like any gym, new members generally want to inspect the facilities and culture before joining, and due to COVID19, people have become less likely to do that. Founder Charles Ivey saw an interactive 360 Vir2ual Tour as being the ideal way to bridge the gap. Now, people can take themselves on an immersive tour of the gyms facilities, listen to some of the PTs, and make themselves comfortable before joining. Each piece of equipment is highlighted and separately explained - some even come to life in front of vir2ual "visitors".

Our goal is to increase our membership by inviting new people into our gym to check out our great facilities and experience the friendly atmosphere. Honestly, Covid has made that pretty hard these days. Along comes Vir2ual Tours, and within a few weeks its problem solved! Today potential members can virtually walk through our gym, listen to our PTs and interact and review every piece of equipment, just by visiting our web site. Vir2ual Tours is just revolutionary!”

Charles Ivey – Co-Founder at Everwilling Health and Fitness

The more comfortable and familiar people are with your business, the more likely they will be to engage with it. In the case of this Vir2ual Tour, with a single click from social or web, visitors can appear in the gym for a walkthrough inspection, and when ready can book for a PT session or group class just as easily.

Finally, Everwilling made the decision to make their Vir2ual Tour the home page on their web site making it one of their most important marketing tools.

Contact Vir2ual Tours for more information on (02) 9634 6265 or at vir2ualtours@gmail.com