Virtual tours and how they help to market your premises

Virtual tours are a unique way of showing prospective clients around your premises, location or facility. They can be used for a whole range of applications.

Venue applications

Give people a tour of your venue and show them what their experience might be like. Give them confidence about your facilities and what they’re considering or signing up for. This in particular works well for restaurants, gyms, schools, universities and location based venues with an online shop.

School / University facility virtual tours

Show people around your school or university and give them an introduction to showcase your facilities. Show them where lectures will take place, sporting facilities and more. Give them an idea about the campus culture and lifestyle. Help them visualise what their life at university or school will be.  

Online Shop Virtual Tours 

Embed your virtual tour right on your website and build confidence in your brand and product by showing customers around your store, vineyard or farm. Give them an idea about the authenticity of your product by guiding them through the workshop or factory where your product is made.  

Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Pub Virtual Tours

Let your customers experience your restaurant before they even set foot through the door with a virtual tour. Get them excited about the visit by immersing them in the ambience of your venue through the creative use of spatial sound, music and video. 
Show them mouth watering images of your food and beverage offering. Give them a taste of what makes your Bar unique.

Historical Sites Virtual Tours   

When people plan their visit, they like to get an idea of the experiences they can have in the area they’re visiting. With a virtual tour you give them the best possible opportunity to see what your site has to offer. With embedded video and interactive hotspots you can draw people's attention to what they can do and experience when visiting. 


Virtual Tours are a great tool in education with the integration of multiple choice questions. You can set up 360 scenarios for location based education where it’s expensive or hard to go on site. Place students in a location where they have to use problems to solve or identify certain tools or key visuals.

Vir2ual Tours is a team of professionals with experience not only in virtual tour production but also virtual reality and augmented reality app solutions. When working with us you can be confident you're working with a team that understands the business.  

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