A COVID Side Effect - The QR Code is here to stay.

The humble QR Code has finally had its chance to shine due to COVID19.

The advantages of QR codes have always been there from the beginning, and I am sure you're aware of some of them: 

  1. Quick access to websites, apps or forms.
  2. Not having to type in long complicated web addresses.
  3. Connecting visitors directly with the information they need.

But while being “easy to use’’ , it has been their ease of use that has held them back in the past, “I need an app? Where is that app? Ahh! times up, can’t be bothered”. 

Mobile phone developers have made this easier now by offering built-in QR code readers that operate by simply opening your camera. The urgent need in the last year for a COVID safe, contactless way of visitors checking in at venues, combined with.the compulsory nature of the check-in, means the barriers have been broken down.

The way QR codes can be used is even more engaging simply by changing what they point at. Instead of having a plain old website, imagine having a 360 virtual tour or a web AR experience. Visitors can engage with a click to experience any number of things including rich 360 virtual tours and training or even promotional web AR experiences augmenting the world around you (or your face!).  

A QR code linked 360 virtual tour/walkthrough experience can get traffic back through your door. We have a range of solutions including shop/venue tours, online 360 shopping experiences and employee induction training.

To sum up, for marketers, trainers & business owners this is great news as QR codes offer a direct and quick link to a virtual tour, website, form or app. You can even use them to trigger web VR / AR experiences.

Take out your phone, activate your camera, point it at the QR code above and see what happens. 

Interested in talking QR code enabled Virtual Tours, call us on (02) 9634 6265. Or for Augmented Reality, check out our VR and AR partners at Page 2.